Stories are your bot's answers

Adding New Story

New Story button
To add a new story, click on the add new story button on the top right corner of the page.
1st thing you'll see after clicking the New Story button
Links to this story - You may select or create a Rule that triggers this Story.
Story Name - The name you would give your Story. Example " Greetings", "Seafood Menu", "List of Schools". This is required and important in identifying the story in other parts of the platform.
Description - How you would describe the Story. Example " 1st message users see", " All seafood except lobster", "List of IB schools". This is optional.
Story Type - Check the box if this story is a goal that you want your users to see. Example, if you are selling a product, the checkout story will be marked as a "Goal".
Stats - It shows descriptive statistics including total impressions, average sentiment and total time spent in minutes from your users on this story.
Click on the add response button to add text, image, action, webhook, cards and document responses.
Click here to find out more about text, image, action, webhook, cards and document.
Quick Replies
Quick replies provide a way to present a set of up to 13 buttons in-conversation. You can also use quick replies to request a person's location, email address, and phone number. These are like “suggestions” or “autocomplete” tips to help the user decide what to reply. These are dynamic inputs for BotDistrikt. Clicking on a quick reply is the same as typing the text inside.
Click here to add a quick reply
Example of Quick Replies
How Quick Replies look like in chats.

Add a Button

You may add buttons only to a text and card response. A button can be linked to a Website URL, Story, Phone number and Text.
URL Button
You may add a URL to the button and when users click on the button, they will be redirected to the URL in a web browser. If you encounter an error, please check that the website starts with HTTP or HTTPS.
Story Button
You may link the button to a Story. When the user clicks the button, the story will be triggered. You may also create a new story here by typing a story name.
Phone Button
You may link the button to a phone number. Once the user clicks on the button, they will trigger a phone call to the listed number. Depending on which messaging app is used, the phone call will use the app's phone functionality. The phone number must begin with + followed by the country code, example +65.
Text Button
The Text button mimics the quick replies. It is an alternative method of providing quick replies but is tied down to its text or card response. This is beneficial to messaging apps that do not support quick replies but only support buttons.