Facebook Ads Manager

When you have several users messaging your Facebook Page, BotDistrikt stores their targeting information. This customer data can be exported and re-used in your other Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

Custom Audience

You may create a Custom Audience for your Facebook Ads directly from your user base of people who have messaged your bot in the past.
From your bot account, go to Users
Under Filters, add a new filter with
This filters your Facebook Messenger users only
Under Actions, select the action Export rows to CSV
Export to CSV
Download the CSV File, you will be able to see your users' data including their Facebook PSIDs
On Facebook Ads Manager, click on Audiences, and click on Create a Custom Audience
Select the Source Customer list and click Next
Custom Audience
  • Follow the steps in the wizard
Prepare List
  • Click Next
Select List Type
  • No Customer Value
  • Click Next
Add Customer List
  • Upload a List
  • Select your exported CSV file from BotDistrikt
  • Relevant categorization (e.g. Messenger Users from my chatbot)
  • Click Next
Map Identifiers
  • Under the Mapped tab, map the column Facebook PSID to Facebook Page User ID
Now under the Action Needed tab, look for Facebook PSID.
Click on Enter Facebook Page IDs.
Facebook Page IDs
  • Enter your Facebook Page ID here
  • You can find your Page ID on Integrations > Messenger in BotDistrikt
  • It should now successfully be mapped
Map Identifier
  • Click Import & Create
You can now use this Custom Audience in your Facebook Ad Campaigns
You may also create 'Look alike' Audiences to target users with similar interests to your Custom Audience.