Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages called tweets. As of 2021, Twitter has more than 187 million daily active users and 59% of users regularly get news from Twitter.


In order to integrate Twitter with your Bot, you will need the following:

Direct Messages

In order for your bot to receive direct messages from anyone (including accounts it does not follow), the option must be enabled in Twitter’s settings. Go to Twitter’s Direct Messages settings and check "Allow message requests from everyone". Be sure to save your changes!
Once this is done and you have Linked to Twitter, when a user sends a direct message (DM) to your Twitter account, your BotDistrikt bot will reply to them.


From your bot account, go to Integrations
Select Twitter
Click on Sign in with Twitter
Authorize BotDistrikt to access your account
You will be taken back to the BotDistrikt Twitter page.
Your account details should appear on and under the photo on the left.
Click on Link to Twitter
and you are done! Your bot is now live on your Twitter Account