With over 400 million active monthly users, Telegram is a free messaging channel with a focus on speed and security. The company is strong on distributed infrastructure and encryption, so they make their messaging channel fast and secure.To integrate Telegram, you need to first have an existing Telegram chatbot.


In order to integrate Telegram with your Bot, you will need the following:
When a user sends a message to your Telegram bot, your BotDistrikt bot will reply to them.

Create a Telegram Bot

First, you have to chat with the BotFather in Telegram. Search for "BotFather" and click on Start
Click on Start
Select /newbot to start creating your bot.
Next, choose a display name and username for your bot. You may edit the display name later on but the username is fixed.
The username is fixed and cannot be changed. Please choose a username carefully.
The BotFather will then issue an Authorization Token, also called API Token, or just Token. This token is like a password you will use to integrate your BotDistrikt bot. Keep it safe.

Customise Bot Profile

To customize your Telegram bot's profile, you will need to chat with the BotFather again.
Type or select /mybots.
Next, you will be shown a list of your bots. Select the bot that you want to edit.
Select your bot and a menu of what you can do to the bot will appear.
Select Edit Bot
Here is the list of fields you can edit for your Telegram bot
Where a Telegram User sees it
On the main Telegram inbox page,
In the chat thread
On the main Telegram inbox page,
In the chat thread
When a user clicks on your bot for the first time
When the user clicks on "More Info" in the chat thread
In the Menu of your bot, or when a user types "/"
Bot Profile: Name, Description, and Botpic
Bot Profile: About
Bot Profile: Commands


From your bot account, go to Integrations
Select Telegram
Paste your bot's Authorization Token from the BotFather
Click on Link to Telegram
You will receive a notification from BotDistrikt stating that a new group of Rules called TELEGRAM will be added to your bot. Click OK
And you are done! Your bot is now live as your Telegram Bot