Other Channels
You may deploy your bot to other custom channels like
    Mobile App
    Raspberry Pi / Arduino
    Smart Speaker


In order to connect to them, you will need to set up
    The Website Chat Integration
After you have created a Website Chat Integration, you must add a unique custom domain for each channel. Unlike domains you would use for the website chat widget, a custom domain
    Does not need to be a working URL
    Is like a password
    Must not be easily guessable
Examples of good custom domains are
    https://a9sn38h.app.link βœ…
    https://03jd874he983h.mywebsite.com βœ…
Examples of bad custom domains are
    https://app.mywebsite.com ❌
    https://www.google.com ❌


After setting up your Website Chat Integration with custom domains, you must
    Register your Users
    Use the Send Message API to send messages as a user
You must register a new user for every person who can message your bot. You will then use the user's webchat_id to send messages as the user.
You will be using 2 models of the BotDistrikt API:
Register User
Send Message
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