With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide.

Engage your users with experiences that includes cards, quick replies, and buttons. Instagram chat supports a huge range of features.


In order to integrate Instagram with your Bot, you will need the following:

Enable Message Control

You will need to allow your bot to access your Instagram messages via the Connected Tools settings in your Instagram Business account. Follow the steps below to set this up

Once this is done and you have Linked to Instagram, when a user sends a direct message (DM) to your Instagram Business account, your BotDistrikt bot will reply to them.


From your bot account, go to Integrations.

Select Instagram

Click on Continue with Facebook.

Continue as (yourself)

Select the Instagram Account you want to launch your bot on.

You may select multiple pages if you have multiple bot accounts on BotDistrikt.

Select the Facebook Page linked to the Instagram Business account you just selected.

Grant access to all required permissions, then click Done.

You will see BotDistrikt instead of BotDistrikt Development, as we are just using our development environment for the above screenshots 😁

Click OK.

  • You will be taken back to the BotDistrikt Instagram page.

  • On the Instagram Business account dropdown, select the account you want to launch your bot on.

  • Your account details should appear on and under the photo on the left.

  • Click on Link to Instagram.

Your bot is now live on your Instagram Business Account.

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