Edit your bot's traits and characteristics that give it its unique personality
Welcome to the first page you will see on BotDistrikt! The Personality page!
The personality page helps you form an idea of your bot’s personality and mannerism. At BotDistrikt, we believe that personality is a key factor to building chatbots people love. Hence, it is the first step to building your bot.


The About box shows you your Bot's given name and a short write up about the bot. It is just like setting up a Facebook Page. You may edit your Profile picture, bot name and bot description here.


Through the Profile box you will be able to edit the Greeting and Fallback easily. Fallbacks are what the bot answers when it does not know how to answer the question the user is asking. The image below will show you examples of Greeting and Persistent Menu.

Quick Replies

Quick replies are your bot's default quick replies for each new story. Default quick replies will remain permanently on every story.


Platforms shows you the messaging channels your bot is currently living on. The coloured logo represents the messaging platform that your bot is live on. By clicking on any logo, you will be taken to the integration setting page.
This bot is live on Facebook Messenger

Parameter Settings

Parameters of your bot's conversations sessions. A session is a series of interactions within a given time frame. For example, if the session is set to 10 mins, the bot will only retain the memory of the chat of 10 mins. After 10 mins of inactivity, the bot will not pick up from where it had left off and start the chat anew.


A shortcut is used to replace longer text in responses and cards. You may use shortcuts to quickly edit variables that are prone to updates or changes such as contact number or address.

Team Members

You may add or revoke access to the bot here.


You may click the Export button on the bottom left of the page to create a "save file" of your entire bot. This "saved file" can later be used to import a new bot and be kept as a version record.