Tags help you organise your data

BotDistrikt lets you analyze your chat traffic with ease with Tags.



Tags are only used for the bot’s responses such as Cards, Users, Documents, Messages, Images, Text, and Audio.

Use attributes to categorize users.

This will be especially helpful if you would like to segment a few users to receive test broadcasts.

Add New Tag

Cards - For example, if a Tag called "sides" is created for a card; when a user searches for sides, the card will appear.

Enter specific tags for leads or broadcast list recipients. For example, whether a customer is an Enterprise, warm leads, premium customers, etc. These tags will be available in the User dashboard.

Similar to users, you can select 'document' from the tags dropdown to associate tags with a document. Documents such as menus or catalogs can be tagged to trigger it with specific keywords.

Create tags associated with messages to help with creating conditions.

Similar to cards, if an image is tagged with specific tags, for example, "fish", and the user mentions it during the conversation,

"Does your menu include fish?"

Then the bot shares the image tagged with fish with the user.

Similar to messages, create tags for text-based responses to recognize user meanings, contexts, and intents and enable your bot to send relevant responses.

Create a tags list to trigger audio responses for your bot.

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