Message (incoming) - what a user sends directly to the bot

A message comes with many conditions, you may select the conditions that suit your bot the best.

  1. Select the expected medium that users will send to the bot.

  2. Select a condition complementing the medium.

  1. select the expected medium that the bot will receive (text, image, stickers, videos, postback, referral, and location.)

Example of each medium


"What is your name?" is a message sent in the form of text


  • A lunchbox image is sent to the chatbot.

  • The bot recognizes an image and informs the user that he is going to save it in his favorite album.

  • However, this chatbot was programmed to recognize bus stop stands to inform users of their bus timing. Hence, it also prompted the user to send a picture of the bus stop post instead.


The bot recognizes that this is a video and it sends the user a response it was programmed to send when it receives videos and images.


This chatbot is programmed to respond to stickers with stickers.

Location (lat/long)

The chatbot prompted the user to send their location to determine the nearest bus stop.

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