All the documents that your bot sends to your users.

Sending documents as responses in an AI chatbot offers several advantages to end users. Documents allow chatbots to provide in-depth and comprehensive information on a wide range of topics. Users can access detailed guides, reports, manuals, and more, ensuring they have access to all the necessary details. It enables the presentation of information in a structured format, making it easier for users to navigate and find specific details. Moreover, documents include visual elements such as images, charts, diagrams, and tables, enhancing the understanding of complex information and data.

Users can then easily print documents for reference or documentation purposes, making it convenient for tasks that require physical copies and compliance. Chatbots in e-commerce or tech support can provide user manuals, product guides, and troubleshooting documents to help users understand and use products effectively, for educational purposes, or corporate training.

It can be used as a versatile tool for disseminating information, assisting with tasks, and enhancing the overall user experience.

To set up documents as responses, navigate to Responses and select Documents.

Under the Documents tab on the Response page, you will be able to:

  • Add new documents

  • Tag documents

  • Delete documents

To add new documents click on New Document

In the Documents tab:

  1. Upload the document from your local drive or drop a document in the box.

  2. Enter a title for your document.

  3. Select tags or add new tags. New Tag redirects you to Tags.

  4. Click Save.

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