Audio responses enhance the user experience while interacting with your chatbot. While text-based responses are still predominant, incorporating audio responses offers several advantages that significantly benefit end users.

Audio responses provide an accessible alternative for users with visual impairments or who prefer auditory content. Moreover, users can consume audio responses while performing other tasks, allowing them to access information and assistance without needing to focus on a screen. It enables your chatbot to convey information using natural language and tone of voice making the interactions feel more human-like and engaging.

Whether it is Virtual Assistants, healthcare, educational, informational, or update-based applications, businesses and organizations can create more engaging and inclusive user experiences.

To set up video responses, navigate to Responses and select Audio.

To add new audio, click New Audio

In the Audios tab:

  1. Upload the audio from your local drive or drop an audio in the box.

  2. Enter a title for your audio.

  3. Select tags or add new tags. New Tag redirects you to Tags.

  4. Click Save.

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