Edit your bot's traits, characteristics, platform availability, and shortcut responses that give your bot its unique personality.

The Personality Dashboard includes 8 sections:

  1. About

  2. Profile

  3. Quick Replies

  4. Platforms

  5. Settings

  6. Shortcuts

  7. Team Members

  8. (Persistent) Bot Preview icon


Update your bot's

  1. Display Picture

  2. Name

  3. Description

To preview how the Display, Name, and About appear, hover over the tooltip:


Add or update your bot's Default Stories (such as Greeting and Fallback*) and Persistent Menu.

*Fallback - the bot's default response when it is not trained to respond to the specific question.

To update your BotDistrikt Bot's Profile, begin with updating:

  1. Greeting

Once you click greeting, the dashboard navigates to a new greeting in Stories on the left-hand panel. The Story Name is selected as the default (System) greeting.

  1. Story Name is selected as the default system greeting

  2. Send alert to - To enter email address, click Add Email

  3. To update the greeting text, click on the text box. A popup appears on the right-hand side: Select response type.

  4. Add (further) response to the chatbot's greeting message.

  5. Add quick reply - bot's default replies for each new story.

  6. What will the user say next - add possible user responses.

  7. Cancel to revert to Personality dashboard.

  8. Create a Duplicate story.

  9. Create a Broadcast. You will be redirected to the Broadcast menu in the left-hand side navigation panel to update broadcast schedules.


The process to update the fallback is the same as the greeting.

Persistent Menu

Persistent Menu is the (constant) menu that is displayed when the chatbot session is active. In the BotDistrikt chatbot, the user can access the persistent menu by clicking the hamburger icon.

For every persistent menu, create a rule in Rules. You can only set up 3 persistent menu buttons.

Add New Persistent Button

To add new persistent button,

  1. Click the Add Button in the Persistent Menu.

  2. A side menu slides open to list the persistent menu types: URL, Story, Phone, Text.


To select a story as a persistent menu, ensure the required story is set up in Stories:

  1. Click Add Button.

  2. Select Story.

  3. Select a preset story from the dropdown, or click New Story to create a new story. You will be redirected to Stories.


To select a phone number as a persistent menu:

  1. Click Add Button.

  2. Select Phone.

  3. Name the menu.

  4. Add Phone Number in the textbox.


To select Text as a persistent menu:

  1. Click Add Button.

  2. Select Text.

  3. Name the menu.

  4. Add the trigger title as text.

Quick Replies

Your bot's predefined quick replies for each new story. The quick replies are accessible to the user at all times so that the user can click on the quick reply instead of typing a message.

Each quick reply has a dropdown menu to select from

  • Custom text

  • Location

  • User_email

  • User_phone_number

  • < return (to the previous menu)

Click Add Quick Reply.


Platforms shortcut display the messaging channels currently available for integration with BotDistrikt. When you connect a messaging platform to your BotDistrikt bot, the icon is highlighted in the logo's (original)color. Clicking on either logo redirects you to Integrations.

Parameter Settings

Session parameters is a series of interactions within a given time frame.

Example: If the session is set to 10 mins, the bot retains the chat memory for 10 mins.

After 10 mins of inactivity, the bot will not pick up from where it had left off and start the chat anew.

Access Token

To create Access Token for the parameter feature, click Create, You will be redirected to a popup confirming access.

Once the API Access Token is created, click View to view API.


A shortcut is a replacement for longer text in responses and cards. Use shortcuts to quickly edit variables such as contact number, address, operational hours, etc.

To add shortcuts:

  1. Click add shortcut

Enter Shortcut and Replacement text/information.

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