User reactions can be collected on BotDistrikt's website widget and also from integrations with messaging channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Below each of your bot's responses, there will be a thumbs up icon to indicate a Good response, and a thumbs down icon for Bad response. These icons allow users to indicate whether the response is useful or not.

After clicking on a reaction icon, the user will be prompted to provide feedback for their selection.

For messaging integrations, user responses can be collected from native emoji reactions.

All recorded reactions will appear in the Reactions dashboard under Inbox > Reactions. Here, you can view, filter, and export reactions for further analysis.

Collect Message Reactions can be toggled on and off at the Widget level. To access the toggle, go to Integrations > Website. If the Collect Message Reactions toggle is inactive, the reaction feature will not apply to that website widget chatbot.

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