Messages is where you can watch all of your bot's live chat logs with its users on all messaging channels. There are 2 views of this page

  • Basic View

  • Advanced View

Basic View

On the Basic View, there are 3 panes. The left pane - also called Users, is where you can see all the users who are messaging your bot in real time. You can see their

  • Name

  • Profile Picture

  • Time of Last Message

  • Channel

  • Online Status marked by a green dot

When you click into a user, the middle pane (Activity), is where you can see all the messages and responses between the selected user and your bot.

Under each response from a bot, choose between marking an interaction correct or wrong. All wrong responses are populated in the Wrong Responses dashboard.

At the bottom of the Activity pane, a text box lets you reply to the user instead with Text or a Story.

Enter Text

On Enter Text mode, enter a reply and hit Send. The selected user receives the text you sent inside their chat with your bot.

Although the Inbox shows that the response was authored by you, your end users may not.

Depending on the Messaging Channel, a user may or may not know if a reply came from a human. Therefore, it is a good practice to sign off every message with e.g. " - Admin"

When many team members use the Inbox to reply to your users, BotDistrikt starts recommending your team members' replies as suggestions in the dropdown, if they are similar. More frequently-used suggestions move to the top of the list.

Send Story

On Send Story mode, select an existing story from your bot's stories and hit Send to reply to a user with the content of the story.

Preview the story as you hover over it in the dropdown.

User Profile

Finally, on the right pane of the Inbox - also called Profile, you can get a quick summary of their profile page. On this pane,

  • Toggle Pause Bot for the user to pause/resume the bot

  • Add or Edit User Attributes

  • For users currently online

    • Add or Edit Session Attributes

    • Reset a Session

Advanced View

In Advanced View, the Inbox you can view the Inbox in a table format. Every row in the table indicates an interaction, also known as a chat log. This view is useful for

  • Filtering Chat Logs

  • Exporting to CSV

  • Marking Chat Logs

Filtering Chat Logs

Filter chat logs (on the top of the page) based on several fields. Each field has a specific filter use case.

Exporting as CSV

Export filtered messages to CSV with Actions > Export to CSV

Marking Chat Logs

Mark chat logs as wrong responses in bulk with Actions > Mark as Wrong

In the Example above, we are using advanced to filter all messages after 20th October 2021 by a user called Carissa, then exporting those messages to a CSV.

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