Your dashboard monitors, controls, and helps to optimise the performance of your bot

Depending on your needs, you can monitor real-time and historical data.

As the bot developer, this will help you identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, it helps you customise your bot's personality, stories, responses, conditions, and user segmentation.

In addition, our dashboard helps you achieve scalability with increased traffic.

You can view new users, total users, number of sessions, messages exchanged, clicks, average session duration, fallback rate, and wrong-response rate. Hover over the analytics to understand the analytics.

The graph chart gives a clear overview of the number of Clicks, Users, and Messages.


The basic sentiment analysis pie chart displays the number of Positive, Negative, and Neutral sentiments that the bot received.

Positive sentiment example: "Good job!", or "Thank you!"

Neutral sentiment example: "OK", or "How are you?"

Negative sentiment example: "You are not helping me"


The channels graph indicates the number of times your bot is activated on each of your active communication channels/integrations.

Example: Website, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Messenger, etc.


Sources indicate the domain source of where your Website chatbot is coming from.

Example: https://mywebsite.com, https://chat.mywebsite.com

Top Users

Top users are your end-users who have interacted the most times with your bot. The dashboard displays the number of messages exchanged with each top user as well.

Top Stories

Top Stories are your stories created from the Stories section that your user most viewed. The dashboard displays the number of stories viewed with each top stories as well.


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