Edit your bot's traits and characteristics that give it its unique personality

Welcome to the first page you will see on BotDistrikt! The Personality page!

The personality page helps you form an idea of your bot’s personality and mannerism. At BotDistrikt, we believe that personality is a key factor to building chatbots people love. Hence, it is the first step to building your bot.


The About box shows you your Bot's given name and a short write up about the bot. It is just like setting up a Facebook Page.


Through the Profile box you will be able to edit the Greeting and Fallback easily. The image below will show you examples of Greeting, Fallback and Persistent Menu.

Greeting, Fallback and Persistent Menu

Style Guide

The Style Guide are sentences to describe how your bot speaks. For example Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase is "to infinity and beyond" or "I'm Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace." Below is Bob the Bot's style guide

BotDistrikt Score

On the Personality page, you will also see a brief outline of your bot’s performance. At BotDistrikt, data is key to good performance. We formulated the BotDistrikt Score to help you measure the effectiveness of your bot.


A shortcut is used to replace longer text in responses and cards For example, a response can be "Would you like to talk to {{bot.my_human}}?"

Team Members