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Welcome to the BotDistrikt Documentation. This guide will help you automate your customer service processes through an intuitive AI chatbot regardless of your industry.

What is BotDistrikt?

What do you call a marketer's and developer's love child? 👶
BotDistrikt is a chatbot-building platform to help you set up workflow automation on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and even your own website.
Chatbots have a reputation for being little sidekicks to Customer Service agents. With BotDistrikt, the customer service function is just the tip of the iceberg. You will be able to replace apps and build entire marketplaces, recommendation engines, watchlists, and robotic community managers 🤖


♻️ Nonlinear Chat Components

Flow-builders are linear; They give chatbot owners a false impression of control over customer conversations. On BotDistrikt, your customers themselves create their own chat experiences with nonlinear components like Rules and Stories.

🙅‍♂️ No-Code Design

Marketers and Product Owners create lead-generation tools with Forms, search engines with Cards, and A/B tested drip campaigns with Broadcasts and so much more with absolutely no coding needed.

📥 In-built CRM

Whether it's from your website, Telegram, or Instagram, you get a unified view of every chat from every customer using your chatbot in our Omni-channel Inbox. With attributes and tags, it's easier to create customer segments and provide highly personalized experiences at scale.

🕷 Low-Code Customization

Developers can create fully integrated chat experiences by connecting to your in-house tech or third-party systems like Google Sheets, Airtable, and HubSpot with Webhooks. They can even write vanilla JavaScript Functions so your bot handles lookups and calculations.

🧰 Must-Have Marketing Tool

Our bots take the guesswork out of customer interaction with multiple touchpoints. Customer segmentation lets you execute successful drip campaigns, and qualify leads - all with the power of effectively leveraged Rules and Conditions.

Try it out!

The best way to discover BotDistrikt is to try it out yourself. Our non-linear AI chatbots offer a more dynamic and context-aware approach to conversational AI. They provide personalized, engaging, and efficient interactions, making them valuable tools for all businesses, customer support, and user engagement across a variety of industries and use cases.
Whether you are thinking of making a new bot from scratch or already have one in use, Contact Us to get a demo and free trial account. No credit card required!
If you already have a Bot on the platform, you can brush up on the platform navigation and some of our features here.

Using the Manual

  • Use the Search function (CTRL/CMD + K) if you are looking for specific information.
  • Navigate through topics using the sidebar.

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