Say goodbye to using for tracking all your link clicks
Inbox Clicks is where you can track all the URL button clicks from users of your chatbot.
Everytime a user of your bot clicks on a specific URL button, BotDistrikt tracks
  • The identity of the user who clicked it
    • Their IP address
    • Their Browser User-Agent
    • Their Device
  • Which URL button they clicked, and from which chat component it came from
  • Whether the click was made organically, or was made because of a broadcast
  • The URL they visited
  • The date and time of the click
This is useful for monitoring how active your users are in terms of clicking through web-content presented through your bot.
This page can also be used for
  • Filtering Clicks
  • Exporting to CSV

Filtering Clicks

You may use the Filters on the top of the page to filter clicks based on several fields. Each field has a specific filter use case
Use Case
User ID
Finds all clicks from a specific user ID
Card ID
Find all clicks from a specific card ID
Audio ID
Find all clicks from a specific audio ID
Broadcast ID
Find all clicks that were made because of pushed-notifications from a broadcast ID
Response Text ID
Find all clicks from a response text ID
User Name
Find all clicks from a specific user, filterable by the user's name
Card Title
Find all clicks from a specific card, filterable by the card's title
Response Text
Find all clicks from a specific response text, filterable by the text
Audio Title
Find all clicks from a specific audio, filterable by the audio's name
Visited URL
Find all clicks that visited a specific URL or a URL that contains some keywords
Recorded At
Find all clicks made before or after a specific date and time

Exporting as CSV

You may export filtered clicks to CSV with Actions > Export to CSV