Broadcast Records

Broadcast Records is where you can track the receipt status of your broadcasts on every single user who was intended to receive it
Every time you publish a broadcast, BotDistrikt tracks a receipt - also known as a Broadcast Record, for each user. For each record, BotDistrikt tracks
  • The identity of the user who received it
  • The date and time that the user received it
  • The status of the receipt, whether it was completed or an error
  • If the broadcast status is error
    • The accompanying error message explaining why there was an error
  • Latency - the difference between the time the broadcast was scheduled and the time the user received it

What a user received

You may hover over a record to see what a user received during the broadcast. Each user may have received a unique personalised messages based on variables you use in the message.
This Broadcast Records page can also be used for
  • Filtering Broadcast Records
  • Exporting to CSV

Filtering Broadcast Records

You may use the Filters on the top of the page to filter records based on several fields. Each field has a specific filter use case
Use Case
Broadcast ID
Find all records a specific broadcast ID
User ID
Finds all records from a specific user ID
Story ID
Find all records publishing a broadcast of a specific story ID
Story Name
Find all records publishing a broadcast of a specific story, filterable by the story's name
User Name
Find all clicks from a specific user, filterable by the user's name
Find all broadcast records of a status completed or error
Find all broadcast records of status error with a specific of filterable error message
Recorded At
Find all records received before or after a specific date and time
Number of Responses
Sometimes when a broadcast publishes a story that uses only 1 webhook to get a dynamically generated response, the webhook might return no responses for a specific user. Number of Responses can be used to determine how many responses were sent to the user. You may filter by Number of Responses greater than 0, to filter only those users who did indeed receive a message

Exporting as CSV

You may export filtered clicks to CSV with Actions > Export to CSV
BotDistrikt's broadcast functionality has a default push configuration of
  • 5 Maximum Retries
  • 0.1s Backoff
This means you may see up to 5 Broadcast Records with errors for the same user, because the platform attempted to retry a failed broadcast to the user 5 times
For Enterprise customers, the push configuration can be customized
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