Forms are especially useful when you have a fixed set of questions to ask your users.
Forms can be used to collect a standard set of responses from your users. These answers can be collected and downloaded. Some examples of what forms can be used for are daily quizzes or as a questionnaire to check in with a patient after a medical procedure.

New Form

Click on the "New Form" button on the top left hand of the page to start creating a new form.
After clicking on "New Form" you will see this page. The form editor console is on the left and the form preview is on the right.
New Form

Form Name

You can start off by giving your form a name.
Form Name

Intro Message

All forms start with an intro question to introduce to the users the purpose of the form.
Intro Message


After naming your form and adding the intro message, we can start to populate the form with questions.
Question 1 is : What is 10 + 2 ?
Answer options are: 11, 12


Acknowledgements are optional.
Next, we will add 'Acknowledgement' for the answer options. The correct answer is Option 2: 12. If the answer is correct, the user will be informed that it is correct by adding an Acknowledgement. Vice versa if it is wrong.


Attributes are the names you give to the answers collected. Every users' answer will be stored in an attribute of that name on their user profile. For example in the image above, the attribute is "addition". Below is how it is stored in a user's profile.
Users Profile
Next, we will learn about the 2 options "Validate" and "Use Numbers"


Validate - Validate ensures that the user chooses one of the options provided. If they did not select any of the given options, the chatbot will repeat the question until the user selects one of the given options.

Use Numbers

Use numbers - Use numbers allow users to enter numbers to select the answer's ordinal position. Use numbers will automatically add your options into your question as a numbered list. This is useful in WhatsApp where quick replies and buttons cannot be displayed.
Here is an example of Use Numbers
Use Numbers

Free Text/Audio

You can also allow the user to answer the questions with free text or audio. Here is where you select the options.
Answer with options


If you have selected the audio option, this means that you allow your users to answer the question with an audio clip or voice note.
Audio option

Validate Audio

You may also validate audio. This means that the chatbot will only recognise audio notes or voice clips. If the user sends anything else, it will repeat the question until the user sends audio notes or voice clips.

Completion Message

Once you're done with all the questions, you can add a completion message. The completion message informs the user that the quiz is over.
Completion Message

Keywords Trigger

Lastly, add keyword triggers. Add keywords that will trigger the quiz.
Keyword Triggers
Here is an example of how the quiz looks like to the end-user.

How to retrieve and download the answers.

Go to the Users tab click on Select Actions and select the last option of " Export All to CSV".
Export to CSV
Click on the Download File button
Download File
Open the CSV file and search for the column that contains the word 'attributes' .
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