View your bot's performance and metrics
Through your dashboard, you are able to get clearer and individual stats about your bot. This will be very helpful in segmenting your users, understanding user sentiments and to use these stats to improve the bot's performance.
You will see an overview of statistics for Users, Messages, Clicks, Average Session and Fallback rate.
A simple explanation of what the number stands for will appear when you mouse over the bot.
The graph chart allows you to have a clear overview of the number of Clicks, Users and Messages.
The dashboard tab also allows you to see a basic sentiment analysis. The sentiments pie chart shows the number of Positive, Negative and Neutral sentiments that the bot received. An example of a positive sentiment would be "Good job!" or "Thank you!". A neutral sentiment would be "OK." or "How are you?". A negative sentiment would be "This is wrong" or "you are not helping me".
A quick view of the most recent users that chatted with your chatbot is available beside the sentiment analysis.
Last modified 3yr ago