You may connect your Google Docs Account with BotDistrikt.

Navigate to Integrations and click on Docs

You will be presented with two options to integrate Google Docs with the BotDistrikt platform.

  • Use a User Account - allows you to connect to Google Docs from your personal user account.

  • Use a Service Account - allows you to connect to Google Docs from a service account.

Use a User Account

  1. Click on the Sign in with Google button and allow BotDistrikt to access your Google Account.

  1. After successfully linking your Google account, you will be able to see all available documents in the dropdown selector.

Use a Service Account

  1. To generate your Google Docs private key JSON file, you must first open the API Library.

  1. In the search bar on the API Library page, search for Google Docs API.

  1. In the Google Docs API product details, click on Enable.

  1. At the APIs & Services dashboard, click on Credentials at the left navigation panel. Once at the Credentials tab, click on Create Credentials and select Service Account from the dropdown menu.

  1. Once at the Create service account page, fill in the necessary information for the service account details and permissions, and click Done.

  1. At the service account dashboard, click on the hyperlinked email address of the service account that was just created to access the Service account details page.

  1. Click on the Keys tab to view all service account keys. Click on Add Key and from the dropdown menu, select Create new key.

  1. In the modal that appears, select the JSON key type option and click on Create. You will be prompted to download the JSON file.

  1. Before uploading the JSON file on BotDistrikt’s platform, please ensure that the Google Drive API is enabled. This can be done by searching for Google Drive API in the search bar on the API Library page and clicking on the Enable button.

  1. At the Google Docs integration page on BotDistrikt’s platform, upload the JSON file containing the private key to link the service account.

Add Sources with a Service Account

  1. To add a document as a source on the BotDistrikt platform via a Service Account, share the file with the service account email address.

  1. Once shared, the file should show up as an available document to be used as a source on the BotDistrikt platform.

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