Stories are your bot's answers

After adding the story (bot's answer)., click on edit or the arrow on the top right hand corner to edit your newly created story.

Add a response. My response to “Who is your best friend?” is “My best friend is Patrick star. He is a pink starfish”

Add another response. I would like people to see how Patrick look like, so I added a picture of Patrick.

Drag and drop the file or upload it from your computer.

Quick Replies

Quick replies provide a way to present a set of up to 13 buttons in-conversation that contain a title and optional image, and appear prominently above the composer. You can also use quick replies to request a person's location, email address, and phone number.

I’ve added a Quick Reply “ Patrick says…”

Click on the SAVE button a the bottom right of the web page.

Click on Create Rule for “Patrick says…” (Rules are user's questions)

After clicking on Create Rule from the story page, you will arrive on this page. Looks familiar ? This was how we created the 1st Rule!

Add a Button

You may add buttons to a response. A button can be linked to a Story, website or phone number.