Chatbase Integration

Getting analytics for your bot through Chatbase

Chatbase is a bot analytics platform owned by Google, designed to help users better understand how flows work in their chatbots for better AI-powered customer service. The free, cloud-based tool lets you integrate your bots into the analytics platform, allowing you to both analyze and optimize your bot.


It is designed to be a cross-platform bot analytics tool, so you can see how your bot works across all of its different channels, which can help you determine if any channel needs to be optimised better.

Setting up Chatbase

In order to get started with connecting Chatbase to your bot, you will need the following:

  • A Google account

Adding a Bot

Step 1: Sign in to Chatbase Sign in with your Google user credentials at Chatbase​

Step 2: Add a bot Press Add a bot on the My bots page

My Bots

Step 3: Fill in the required information Fill in the necessary fields and press Continue to retrieve your API key.

Add a Bot

Step 4: Copy the API key Copy the API key as you will need it to connect Chatbase with your BotDistrikt bot

Copy your API Key


Step 5: Go to your BotDistrikt Account Go to your BotDistrikt bot account. Head into Integrations from the left sidebar, and click on the Chatbase icon under Analytics

Go to your Chatbase Integration settings


Step 6: Paste your API key and link your chatbot Paste your API key here and click Link to Chatbase

Paste your API key and click Link to Chatbase

You have now integrated your bot to Chatbase, and you should be able to start user messages, bot messages, intents, and fallbacks from your Chatbase dashboard.

If you would like additional help with the Chatbase integration, contact us here​